In Loving Memory of Anita Mui 饱├盡胯


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Feb 3, 04 - 12:08 PM

It's a pity that the world missed a worldstar like Anita Mui, she isn't ready yet with shining over the world... and now she's gone.. condolence to her family.. and I hope God will bless Anita and her family!

A fan

Jan 29, 04 - 2:59 AM

Fair you well

I was stunned to learn today that Anita had passed away. She was far too young. I have known her talents only as an actress. Those will be fondly remembered.

My deepest sympathy to your family and friends for their loss.

You will be in my prayers Anita......May God cradle your soul in his arms and bathe your soul in his love forever.

Jan 5, 04 - 6:09 PM
R.I.P. Anita...

I'm so sad that dear Anita has left us. but it is good for her. Anita has fought very hard against cancer. May she rest in peace. Anita, I hope you can live on peacefully. I never really had been a fan of yours but I saw the movie you acted in with Jackie Chan. I thought you were a very beautiful actress who can act and sing too! Your fans including me will never forget you, the queen of pop!
simon koh chun heng

Jan 15th, 2004 - 4:25 AM

i wish u can went peace. you will never die in our heart

thank you that u left plenty good song and movie

eVe, S'pore

Jan 14, 04 - 8:17 AM
Anita, you are great! I love you!

Dearest Anita, your vigorous courage and strength, benevolence and perserverance in life gives me strength to strive. You are great! I love you

Jan 13, 04 - 7:53 PM
You're our Diva. Miss you forever....

I have only left public message twice in my life. First time for Leslie, 2nd time for you. You're the best artist, female or male, HK has ever seen. (Theresa Tang is probably the only one equal, but she's from Taiwan). It'll be a long long time before anyone can replace you. May you rest in peace, and have happiness with all your friends up in heaven. Thanks for everything you've ever done for us. Your songs will live in our heart for the rest of our lives.

Anita, we miss you. Forever.

Jan 12, 04 - 6:28 AM
Anita Mui will always be remembered as a Shining Star and a legend.

We will remember Anita Mui not only for the songs she has provided to many of her fans but also for her compassionate charitable work.

There will only be one Anita Mui and her unique voice cannot be replaced. We will cherish her achievements for ever.

Jan 11, 04 - 9:42 PM

Love U Forever, Anita

The past 14 days had been the most disturbed weeks in my life. Just can't accept the fact that both, Gor Gor and Anita left us in a short 8 months time. Anita, you are a born singer, performer and actor. God has bring u to this world with a mission and upon completion of this mission, God wants u to in heaven with them.

U are now at a place where all of us will be in future. I hope u have a peaceful life there and may God be with u all the times.
Jerry Khoo

Jan 11, 04 - 9:12 PM
Anita will always on my mind : (

Anita was my no. 1 favourite singer and actoress beside kor kor Leslie. I just hope that Leslie will take care of muimui in the heaven

Jan 11, 04 - 8:34 PM
Goodbye Anita We always love you...

Today we said good bye to a hongkong greatest pop diva, Anita. We had said it before but this will be the last time we say it to you. 'We love you and will miss you and will keep you in a special place in our heart always.' Go and search for your new world and we promise not to cry. But you must understand that it is very difficult not to shed tears and miss you. Good bye Anita anmd rest in peace
Siu Man

Jan 11, 04 - 6:45 PM
May you rest in peace !

Dear Miss Mui,

You are a highly honoured artist with your respect for work and life. Of course, you have also treasured the friendships you made with others. We should all learn these from you while living.

You have lived a great life and I believe God is now taking good care of you in heaven.

Today is your funeral day and I sincerely pray that you shall rest in peace and may God bless you forever !

Siu Man

Jan 11, 04 - 8:47 AM
god bless u anita

U will forever remains in our heart, we will still love and miss u anita
Ju Yi

Jan 11, 04 - 6:21 AM
Anita Mui

You had the fate where millions and billions of people yearn for but at the same time you give up the live every normal one is living. i believe god is fair but be it you consider your whole path a happy or sad wan, glamour or a lonley one, it had drawn a coma but not a full stop cause and i wish your sprit will be happy with your god and angels accompanying you. fans, do not be sad, do not search those sad memories cause she has never left, she is still here, touch your heart!!!!
Dean Yeh

Jan 10, 04 - 9:35 AM

Wishing my dearest sister all the best in the next path of life.....
Joan Chng

Jan 10, 04 - 3:01 AM
Things will never be the same........... : (

Dearest Mui Jie,

Since the day you've gone, everything seems to go wrong, i really miss you till i cry whenever i see your picture or magazine. i feel so ashame that i could not fulfill your wish. but i hope you understand that to us, you are more than anything in this world that are precious. No one can ever replace you, no one! we'll met again in another paradise 1 day! Love you always.....never change! Promise.....

Jan 9, 04 - 7:51 PM
Respect to Anita


Enterance with Support
Performance with Grace
Exit with Peace

There will be a place deep down with one's heart no matter how times flies cos' there are memories of u always!!!
Mui Mui

Jan 8, 04 - 8:43 PM
Daughter of Hong Kong

Mui, you will always be remembered by us and your music will never die in us. We will miss you dearly.
Dean Yeh

Jan 8, 04 - 4:57 PM


Dear Anita,

U maybe left us far far away now, but u live in me forever n ever

To Anita's mum,

Since anita is gone for good, pls set her soul free n let her rest in peace......
Vincent, Malaysia

Jan 7, 04 - 8:59 AM
Anita lives on in my heart....

Dear Anita,

Though you may have gone, I can't help but to express the fond memories and influence I have been in my life from your songs. When I was 14 years old back in 1982, I started to like your songs and voice. To the extent that I even impersonate you! Imagine at the age of 16 I have donned in your "Peng san pek hoi" costume. I learned avery dance steps from watching your videos and even sing my heart out of your songs.

That was just the beginning to many more memories. No one can ever take your place as the Canto-pop queen. When it comes to performances on stage or concerts, nobody not even the present batch of singers can perform like you do. You're full of professionalism when on stage - and that I salute you.

Your untimely death has sent shockwaves to all your fans. I am not ready to hear such news but then I know nothing is permanent. One born and has to die. But one thing is sure - you will live on in my heart forever....

Your avid fan
AJ Chris


Jan 7, 04 - 1:29 AM
You will never be forget.......

I always have been a die hard fan of Anita since i started listening to her songs in the 80s.

I hope her songs can bring hope and love to some people.

She will be always be remembered......

AJ Chris (Singapore)
Amanda (Singapore)


Jan 4, 04 - 8:54 AM
You live in my heart!

To my dearest Anita,

I still can't accept the fact that you have left us....30th December 2003 was my darkest moment in life.

You'd been my only idol since 20 years back, you'd influenced me in almost everything - speech, singing, character, dressing, morale etc. Since 1983, your songs had given me so much comfort and happiness -thank you Anita, you are the only one. I always remember how I yearned for your next album after a new released.

Why had you been the chosen one? I really wish this whole incident is just one of the movie you'd participated in. Since 30th Dec 2003, I woke up every morning hoping that it was just a dream....

I know i must accept the fact that God had taken you away from us. I'm sorry...I've been crying. You'd left us with too many wonderful memories.......I'll never forget the very first time I attended your concert at World Trade Centre ( I missed the earlier one at The Glass Hotel {now The Concorde} because I can't afford to pay for the ticket being a student). You are magnificent! Since then, I'd never failed to watch your concerts in Singapore -i remembered during my school days,i have to skip meals to safe enough for your next arrival. Now that i'm married, i'd even brought my husband to attend your concert last year...but little did i know that that was the last...Anita, i wasn't prepared to take this! I even tried to pretend nothing had happened...

Rest in peace, my perfect Queen of Pop........

ps.I love you so much, how can i not cry?

Amanda (Singapore)

Jan 6, 04 - 6:36 PM
Big Loss Of A Canto-pop Superstar - Anita Mui

So sudden & sad of the news of this popular Canto-pop superstar departure. Never thought that this will happen to Mui Jie. This news really sadden me as well as all her fans around the world. I've watched & listened to her songs, movies & concerts all these years which really made me missed her alot.
Now that she has gone to heaven may she rest in peace & be happy there.

As life is be happy!!!

Jan 6, 04 - 4:58 AM
A Great Singer, A Big Lost

Sorry to hear the new, sad in my heart, remember you with the world. Although I'm not your fan, but you are a great singer! Remember you always...


Dec 30, 03 - 9:00 AM
You will always remain a part of me!

The news has been very shocking and like alot of people from all over the whole, I am mourning the great loss! Anita has been part of my growing up and no one can ever replace the memory of the wonderful 80s where Canto-pop was at it's best! Even at discos you could hear those very firmilar songs by the 3 'ruling' Kings and Queen - Anita Mui, Alan Tan & Leslie Chueng! Very sad indeed that out of the 3 only 1 remain now. When I heard the news this morning, I felt as if a part of me had died too. Try as I might, tears flowed freely as I drove to work! I mourn the loss as with alot more people are doing so too even as I pen my thoughts now. I know we will all miss her but lets learn from her courage and stand brave in our sorrow. Anita, though you are no longer here with us, your courage, your generousity, your caring ways will always be remembered and will be my example of how I should live my life. You will always have that special place in my heart. Farewell, Ah Mui!

Thought for the day - Life is short! Live life to the fullest!

(P/S: Sorry for being so long winded!)
A Friend

Jan 3rd, 2004 - 3:19 AM
 Re: You will always remain a part of me!

So So SAD, i never would ever thought that this could ever happen to a person such as Anita. I am not really an emotion person but i can honestly say that this is one of the most sadest moments i have experience. I was cooking dinner and turned on the tv and saw the tail end of a chinese broadcast but it was about her singin a song, then i realized that sumthing didn't seem right so i went to the net and discovered the news that Anita had passed away.
For me that really was a very sad moment....i grew up listening to her music..though i had never met her nor seen any of her concer..( guess that what u get for being a CBC)..
Now that she is gone to a nice place and my she rest in peace.
Honestly i can go on and on about her and how i feel etc..but i guess i will just say We lost such a legendary Diva and will never be replace by anyone..ever

Jan 6th, 2004 - 2:57 AM
 Re: You will always remain a part of me!

Angela & Friend, I can't help but drop my thoughts here after reading ur messages. I feel exactly the same way. It has been a week but I still feel the loss, infact more & more each day. Anita Mui has become a part us. My sis & I liked her since the very beginning, her mesmerizing, AWESOME stage performances kept me attached till today. Missing her Fantasy Gig concert in Malaysia is my greatest regret; I was telling myself tt I definitely won't miss her next, but ...sob. All I could do now is collect her LEGENDARY performances on disc & tapes. I vow not go to any live concert until there's a performer who's more or equally worthwhile to watch. Salute to The Greatest Performing Artist
Raymond Sia
Jan 4, 04 - 9:52 PM
remember u forever.. BYEEE!! Anita Mui

remember u forever... mui jie!!
Lim cirthia

Jan 5th, 2004 - 7:59 AM
 Re: remember u forever.. Anita Mui

Dear Anita,
Condolences to you and hope that you would be in heaven and rest in peace.

Jan 5th, 2004 - 5:38 PM

瘤礛瞒,琵み,иぃ丁ネ,ㄨе贾;┮\ぃノび螟筁;るらêぱ,碞钩暗┕ネparty,摸ネらparty,蛤弧[happy birthday]!

Jan 5, 04 - 3:01 PM
Always a diva, always a legend and always in our hearts

I'm so lost with the lost of our most beautiful, talented, giving, caring, influencial diva, Anita Mui Yim Fong. I used to sing 'Why, why, tell me why' around my house when I was a little girl, 3 or 4! She's such a beautiful person, she will be missed dearly. Her music, her words, everything about her will be missed. Now she is resting peacefully in Heaven, far away from the pain she suffered with her illness. I still can't believe she is gone... but our memories of such a talented entertainer will never be forgotten. Love you xxx

Jan 4, 04 - 4:48 PM

Anita used to say"i really love this song-it represents my inner feelings"

YES,sunset is beautiful-but its so shortlived!!
"fading with the clouds-those past glory shall never return"
time is late,there are so much changes in my whole life
its like the clouds-that go with my weary face"
"the path is long,its filled with grief and anxiety"
'i used to meet your sincere arms to accompany me over those troubled years!!"
"someone born with solitude is so sad in my heart--so many troubles on the way---when i think of return-its already late..."
as she sang--she moved up the stairs in her wedding gown--the door opens with rays of white lights as she moved into the heavenly sky!!!!:

yes-we know sunset is beautiful-and so shortlived so we have to VALUE LIFE AND THOSE AROUND US!!


Jan 4, 04 - 11:29 AM

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竒筁窾ぇ 眔妓╧

〃ǒ璚  励端琌セ〃
籔ㄤ拘ぇいみ痥 临ぃΝㄇ睲埃端勃

晋暗 и硂ネ璚
  稲琘璽み

晋暗 е贾丁ぶ
稲薄いゴ簎 街琌程稲


Jan 4, 04 - 11:28 AM
Dearest Anita Mui

Dearest Anit Mui,

I couldn抰 help but to write to you again coz you are such a wonderful, courageous and kind woman. For the past few months, you had endured great pains both physically and emotionally and yet you had never shown them in public. You had shown world-class professionalism as well as great sacrifices to ensure your friends, fans, admirers, audiences, and supporters would not be troubled and worried about your illness because you love them all. Also what you need them to focus is mainly on your superb singing and acting performances, the careers you have so successfully built and maintained. Not least is your determination to help others in need.

I抎 been hospitalized before not due to cancer but the pain was so unbearable that I even confessed to nurse that I would rather die than to suffer from the pain. Imagine that I myself had made the unwise choice in an impulse, how about you having to endure the great pain for your cancer that you had never complained to anybody. Because of so many wishes and ambitions to fulfill that you simply forgot about your pain and appeared in public in so perfectly well-kept figure and healthy that nobody could have noticed the unbearable pain you suffered and your deteriorated health day by day. All those pains mostly you suffered alone although you have many good friends but the body is yours and only those peoples who have cancers or previously had cancers would know and understand.

You are not alone because you are dearly loved by all your friends, fans, admirers, audiences and supporters all over the world. You are a legend, a prominent figure in the 21st century modern history. You抳e set a very good example for others to follow your kind and right path towards charity contributions both voluntarily and financially. Also, your strength, courageous and determined and yet feminine woman figure will live forever in the hearts of all levels.


Jan 4, 04 - 6:48 AM
A message to beloved Anita Mui

Anita Mui,

I wish I could know you better until your departure that I only now realize how brave and professional you are and you had shown the feminine side of you for the past few months that I couldn't help wanting to protect you. Your departure has so much impact on me that I have never felt before as much as any other singers/actors/actresses had ever affected me.

How I wish I could see you in person and I regret for not purchasing the ticket for your performance in Singapore last year although I love your songs since you have emerged as rising star from 198...

I've purchased your recently published book and obtained the VCD from Modern Beauty salon. You are so perfect and so feminine wearing the Japan kimono. Now, I'm looking forward to purchase your last concert CD/DVD/VCD.

May you be happy in the other world that no others could ever hurt you again.



Jan 4, 04 - 5:10 AM

宾﹋痷玒Missē窾粂ぃ弧....眔饥琌Τ硂妓痁痷み及ねиみヘい琌礚蠢We love you!!!!!!
Wishing you Happiness Forever living in another world!!!!!!!
Miss you VERY VERY VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The One

Jan 4, 04 - 4:17 AM
Tears in Heaven

I am a person who grew up in the twilight years of Anita's career. Never really noticed her talents or her colourful on-screen and off-stage persona till her death.

Nonetheless I chanced upon the song "Qing1 Mi4 Di4 Ai4 Ren2" on TV just. I was really impressed with her sexy yet sentimental vocals. She sang the song so well i was almost moved to tears.

A pity she is gone now. Stay Happy wherever u r gal!
chen yixin

Jan 4, 04 - 1:04 AM
you will always live in my heart

Anita, my heart hurts so badly whenever it dawns on me that you are no longer around...i am sure you are in a place where you are happy and where you can be free of all the pain. that cheerful smile of yours will always be in my mind. you will always live in my heart.

Jan 3, 04 - 1:51 PM
A tribute to the Greastest and one of a kind ANITA MUI

A great star has fallen and the Legend carries on even though Anita Mui is somewhere out there in the 3th dimension. It is quite hard to believe when i heard Anita Mui's pass away, her music and her special voice really touch my heart and soul, cus we were growing up together in 80' & 90'...some of her songs really brings back alot of good times and bad times, regardless good or bad times, it touches. R.I.P. Anita, I'll always cherish you!!!!!


Jan 7, 04 - 6:19 AM
Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

憑甚麼阻止我愛上這 COVER GIRL? 冰冷外表像壞女孩內心卻是重重心債的列女,孤身走她路,荔園?天身軀瘦小的小歌女,受盡白眼,披者歌衫淚影飛躍舞台,終憑風的季?發放耀眼光華!




Anita-We will forever be yours faithfully and will always stand by you!
"Lets just kiss and say goodbye!!"


Jan 7th, 2004 - 10:22 PM
 : Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

give me some comments abt the eulogy


Jan 8th, 2004 - 5:41 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

its always so depressing to follow the news lately abt conflicts arising fr her will,beneficiaries,her family n manager,the commitees n so forth
i know everyone is undergoing a lot of grief n pressure--but i think its only wise to be composed n silent at this stage--the priority is to plan a perfect funeral for her!! n let her rest in peace!!

her estate does not matter to us-afterall-she has left us tonnes of good songs n a role model of a fighter of life!!


Jan 9th, 2004 - 6:26 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

thanks Eddie--i m sure Anita will look glamourous in that ivory french silk outfit!
whats a pity that this will be the last outfit of hers

has anyone thought of setting up a memorial museum for her n all her outfits could be displayed-n proceeds will go to her chairty funds

fans--whats your views?


Jan 9th, 2004 - 9:34 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文




Jan 10th, 2004 - 8:52 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文


tomorrow there will be a live telecast on tv of mui funeral


Jan 11th, 2004 - 3:52 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文



Jan 11th, 2004 - 9:22 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

thanks for writing that and heling all fans of Mui's in expressing our saddness!


Jan 11th, 2004 - 9:53 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

thanks bloo

glad u like it-did u watch the funeral this morning?

try to share your views


Jan 12th, 2004 - 6:24 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文


wonder if they attend the funeral or ..........oh well


Jan 12th, 2004 - 5:37 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文



 malaysian fan


Jan 13th, 2004 - 10:44 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

the funeral was very well organised!!


Jan 15th, 2004 - 9:33 AM
 Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

still so many news n rumours

but she is at rest


Jan 16th, 2004 - 4:53 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文



Jan 16th, 2004 - 10:30 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文



Jan 17th, 2004 - 8:27 PM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文



Jan 18th, 2004 - 6:25 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文




Jan 24th, 2004 - 3:55 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文




Jan 26th, 2004 - 2:47 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

yea i agree with lee abt anita superstar status

WHEN SHE WAS ON STAGE-SHE WILL JUST CAPTURE EVERYONE even though some of her actions are quite typical just as swaying and moving a piece of organza or chiffon n cover her face...

i kinda miss her dance steps during the yew loi-cheong ping san pek hou--remember she used to fall back-supporting herself with a hand on floor!thats way cool
and also the tango dance at a performance
her jazzy dancesteps are great too-at stand by me

and of course those all time hot dances fr her fast songs--especially medley!!
also--in the last emperor theme-she was dancing with ribbon n the persentation was so grand with those imperial entourage!


Jan 27th, 2004 - 4:18 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文


I'm most impressed by one of her movements, maybe the same one you were mentioning. She fell back, but on her knees, then just like eleastic, she could stand up very quickly, without turning over. I often wonder if she knew acrobatics...she was so soft. She was doing this even during the rave party part of her Fantasy Gig concert.

Due to her sensitivity to the rhythm, every movement of her body and even the limbs was so beautiful. I found so much joy in just watching her moving her arms rhymaically when others were singing.   


Jan 27th, 2004 - 5:11 AM
 Re: Eulogy for Anita 絕代芳華悼念文

YEA she was just too good!

somehow as i mentioned earlier-sometimes i can wake up in the morning and ask myself--is she really gone?

its also a pity that not many westerners know her--how cool if madonna can compliment her etc

but being that young-19 then by 28--she was already too successful!!

London_UK    Jan 3, 04 - 11:01 AM

will always cherish her in my heart!

Anita Mui, what a beautiful woman she was.
Talented singer, a good actress and a perfect role model.
usually i never turn on the TV in the morning, but for some reason, i had this aurge to watch the news, and to my shock i was stun i just couldnt move my gf was beside me also speachless. driving to work that day , it was a quiet drive, both of us didnt say anything, i can say i am not a very emotional guy it was very hard to hold back my tears. i could feel my heart crying out.
We have lost a great sister, our hearts are in pain and in sorrow, but we know she is resting in peace.
I might not have met her in person but i feel i known her all my life. growing up listing to her music and watched her mature into a woman she is, She has given me many wonderful memories, in my younger teenage years listing to her music while studying late at night. i am sure many people feel the same way as me.

life must go on, but are memories of you will live on Antia Mui.

linda ng   Jan 3, 04 - 7:59 AM

Dearest Anita

Dearest Anita,
your determination and bravery will always be in peace.

woodpecker   Jan 3, 04 - 6:17 AM

Anita Mui Yim Fong - a rare and wonderful story will be recorded in history

future generations will record the history of Anita Mui Yim Fong and highlighted as one of the greatest heroines in modern Chinese society.

Gigi   Jan 2, 04 - 11:03 PM


I am only 13 years old
But I love your songs very much

I love you forever

Jennyodo   Jan 2, 04 - 2:19 PM

In Memory of Anita Mui

Anita..Rest in peace under God's care..

-From: staffs and members of

TYL    Jan 2, 04 - 2:46 PM

Big Lost

It is sad to lost you..please rest in peace!

Zen love Mui   Jan 2, 04 - 5:01 AM

Guys that grow up in your Show and Song

Really missing you so much, but i think its best that your have a long rest now, coz u had been doing alot, and i think its time for us to remember your kindness.

I personally thinks you should get going, coz of your cancel, you are suffering, being your fans, i can't being so selfish and hope you carry on.

Pls rest and promise me to take care of yourself, Mui.

fan    Jan 1, 04 - 5:38 PM

for Mui....

Maybe there is a big party being held somewhere around us.
Maybe there is a great concert being entertain fans from the 4th invisible world.
Maybe there is a warm gathering being held by you beloved friends, Roman, Danny, Leslie, Little Tang....
Maybe there is a handsome guy waiting for your approaching.
Maybe & maybe...........

Have a good sleep Mui.

Susan    Jan 1, 04 - 10:08 AM

Our greatest lost

To Our Beloving Anita Mui

We are very painful in our heart to accept you are gone..
But nothing is painful than seeing you suffer in pain..

Your spirit will stay on with us forever
Proud to be a person :-
To Listen to your greatest songs
To watch your memoriest movies
To have the strongest spirit of
"Stand By Me"
We will forever stand by you to...
Go on.....Towards God

有意義的生命不在於長短, 而在於歷程是否美妙及精采!
Anita have bring us and herself are too have enjoy twenty years of happiness with us.These moment lets keep her sweetest moment that she gave us ever in our mind.

At Last, let us pray for her.
?我?給她最衷心的祝福!「自由, 快樂」這兩件?貴的心靈,永遠,永遠

skippy    Dec 29, 03 - 9:37 PM

Always Remember Her

Its been a very rough day to say the least. We are all shocked and sadden by Anita's passing. We all know that Anita is not suffering anymore and is at peace. The way she touched each of our lives, by a song, a smile, a wink of her eye, the nod of her head, her fighting spirit, her caring ways for those less fortunate, and a million other things about her will allow her to remain always in our hearts and minds. She is not gone as long as we remember her and honor her memory.

Amy    Dec 31, 03 - 9:24 PM

The Best of Anita Mui

Shining throughout the years, she is the best of all. Her voice and her talent that no one can ever replace. Even though she is far far away, my heart will always remember her. Anita Mui is forever No. 1

Linda   Dec 31, 03 - 5:25 PM

You will always be in our hearts

I salute Anita Mui's fighting spirit ,her determination , her generous heart, her boundless compassion.
Anita will forever live in my heart, a model to learn from.
Anita is the modern Paul and is iron lady.

Jack   Dec 30, 03 - 6:58 PM

With Much Love to Anita

Anita. I love you so dearly! God Bless You! Rest In Peace! You brought me so much great memories. You were my idol since I was about 7 which is about 13 years ago. I LOVE YOU! And GOD BLESS YOU!
Jackson from pa, usa

cece  Dec 30, 03 - 3:35 AM

love u anita~!

Anita, You will always in our mind..
love you forever & Thank You

we'll miss you

kin   Dec 29, 03 - 6:01 PM

Goodbye Anita ,

WE all love u ,GOODBYE,rest in peace.

EILEEN, SINGAPORE   Dec 29, 03 - 8:14 PM


FAREWELL ANITA... till we meet again someday, somwhere... your legend will live on!

Elisa Poon   Dec 29, 03 - 2:31 PM

Anita Mui had just passed away
Anita Mui had just passed away at 2:00 am Dec 30, 2003 Hong Kong time. God rest her soul.



Dec 29, 03 - 9:37 PM
Always Remember Her

Its been a very rough day to say the least. We are all shocked and sadden by Anita's passing. We all know that Anita is not suffering anymore and is at peace. The way she touched each of our lives, by a song, a smile, a wink of her eye, the nod of her head, her fighting spirit, her caring ways for those less fortunate, and a million other things about her will allow her to remain always in our hearts and minds. She is not gone as long as we remember her and honor her memory.


Dec 30th, 2003 - 4:18 AM
 Re: Always Remember Her

With my past experience of the loss of my most beloved mother 5-1/5 years ago, I thought I could handle the loss of Ah Mui bravely without tears. However, I am totally wrong. I just realize that I like Mui much more than I noticed. I could not help but weeping when I was updating all the news about her and when I was watching her news on TV today. I guess it will take a while for me to recover from this grief. Yes, it is a tough day for all of us. And I'm pretty sure I will treasure the memory of her just as that of my mother till my last day in this world.

It is great pain for me to do the translation of the news of today and days after, but I will try to finish them as soon as possible, as this would be the last thing I could do for Mui. I want all the overseas fans to know how great she is and how miserable Hong Kong people feel at the loss of her.

Skippy, I printed your messages and brought to Time Square at the charity sale of the book, hoping I could give it to her to cheer her up with the concert pictures I prepared for her and also a Christmas pudding..........of course, as you knew, that I didn't have the chance. Anyway, she knows how much we love her.

Okay, I'm sure Mui will rest in peace and on the road to the heavenly world of everlasing happiness with our blessings! 辣︱!


Dec 30th, 2003 - 5:32 AM
 Re: Always Remember Her

There is a saying that is probably worldwide, but in America we use it a lot when someone passes on. It goes something like this..."you never know how much a person touched your life until they are gone".

But, in Anita's case for the people of HK, her family, friends, and fans, we already knew how much of a treasured gem she is, and how she touches our lives. It makes it more difficult and her passing hurts even more. Like you, I have tears on running down my cheeks as I read your translations and the news. Remember to please get your rest and sleep! That's how you and all of of us are going to get through this ordeal. One day at a time. Thank you for being there to comfort and inform all of us, you too are a precious gem.


Dec 30th, 2003 - 6:55 AM
 Re: Always Remember Her



Dec 30th, 2003 - 7:13 PM
 Re: Always Remember Her

Yes, Woodstock, I agree with you. I thought that I could handle the news well as I lost my beloved grandma about 8 years ago. However, I was wrong.

It hurts. It is unbelievable. No words can describe how I feel now....

Wherever Anita is now, in another dimension ("guo tu"), I wish her peace and happiness. Yes, the brother and sister duo (Leslie & Anita) is now reunited.

I wish all my friends here good health and a good 2004 ahead! God bless.


Dec 31st, 2003 - 9:53 AM
 Re: Always Remember Her

I loved her voice..........
she was so my role model.............
even thought i never saw her in real life but she will always be a nice, kind, funny singer in my heart
even thoguh..........she is in a far away land(heaven)...........however i know there is nothing to cry about........cause she will always in my heart........
i can hear her singing within me.........
now all i want to say is...............I LOVE HER!!!!!!!
not in love love but in admire............ \
how i wish she could really read this.......
your sincerely


Dec 31st, 2003 - 9:59 PM
 Re: Always Remember Her

Anita was God's gift to us. She has given us somethin in which we will treasure forever. Now that she has fulfilled her mission, May she rest in peace in heaven with Leslie eternally! I know that one day I will see you up there.
Adam (Sydney, Australia)


Jan 1st, 2004 - 6:57 AM
 Re: Always Remember Her

When I first heard of Anita's passing I was in total shock. A friend e-mailed me of the sad news that morning 30/12/2003. It wasn't until the next day, I saw the images (from ATV News HK)of her best friends arriving at the hospital, to visit her and then her friends broke the news to the press. They said that she held on until all her close friends were at the hospital to see her before she passed away. She was such a strong and caring person. It really then hit me, that one of our great singer/entertainers was gone. So sad. But we will always remember her for all the great things she did for all her fans and charities. Just before she died she asked all her fans not to cry, because she wouldn't be able to pass away peacefully. Rest in peace Anita Mui. You will still be alive in our memories and in our hearts.

Adam 2 Jan 2004