In Loving Memory of Anita Mui 饱├盡胯


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vicky chern na


Jan 4, 04 - 1:17 PM
now that you've left us...

although i have never watched too many of your movies, never heard any of your songs, the fact that you were always a constant in the fast-changing world of hk entertainment. and that constancy was a comfort. now that you've left us, i feel a sense of undescribable loss. its as though the northern star has fallen from the sky. while you've left behind mortality, and embraced the new world, we'll always hold on tight to the memories of a wonderful star and a loving person that you have left behind. rest in peace. i'll miss you.


Jan 4, 04 - 1:32 PM
now that you've start another beginning...

i'm not a fan of Anita, jus a passerby who get to know her news.. very very sad to really hear this..
feels so much a pity she left but feels so much relief when she dun haf to suffer the pain.. hope this is not the end of her and that is a new beginning in the other life! feels ashamed when media take the chance to always bothers Anita's close relatives and friends when they shld be leave alone to pick up their hearts.. "Anita, you will always be REMEMBERED!!!"


Jan 4, 04 - 2:31 PM
my only idol...

i hope you will find ur hapiness in heaven...ur r my one & only other can replace u in my heart...peace be with u forever....

...whenever i feel loss & sad...even when i've joy to share..i know i can look in2 the sky...& i know that the brightest star is lookin down upon me...that is you...

you r the forever of our hearts....


Jan 4, 04 - 2:39 PM
Miss You Forever~!



Jan 4, 04 - 2:42 PM
condolence for anita mui

you have acompanied me throughout my teenage period, i just can't accept the facts that you have gone.
It was really pain and we will feel a great lost without you we us in the future. Anyway i wish you live forever happy in another world.
B B Bear & M M Sheep


Jan 4, 04 - 4:49 PM
Anita Mui------ U are absolutely UNIQUE!!!

U are our favorite idol forever!!! U are superb!!! U are spectacular!!! U are just UNIQUE!!! How can we not miss U???

God Bless & Peace be with U!!!

With Love,

B B Bear
M M Sheep


Jan 4, 04 - 4:54 PM
a candle for ANITA ....

though i'm not your fans but you are the SUPERSTAR of HONGKONG. each time when i was reading the news about you after you were passing away, the tears will come down automatically.....i feel upset....
on the 2nd date, i folded 40 tiddly stars & crane .then put them in a star shape box with your name. i light a candle beside it everyday.....
may lord have mercy on you soul, may god bless your mum.....amen


Jan 4, 04 - 5:27 PM



Jan 4, 04 - 6:08 PM
MIss u always

The fifth day that you left us, i still missed you always. whenever i sleep, all your images and voice appear in my mind. I missed you so much, if i have the chance i would marry you and take care of you, I know this will never happen but i hope in our next life I want to take you as my most beloved one. Mui, 21 yrs of growing together with you, i never thought a good person like you will left us but i know when the time you left is the time you have total free from the evil which with you. I know you have a place where you can live happily. I love you , Mui.
Missy Noelle


Jan 4, 04 - 7:18 PM
Goodbye My PoP Diva

Dear Mui Cher
ur sudden departure sadden us deeply though u want us not to cry for u but how could we not.....cos ur beautiful juz like a sunset vanishing into the horizon truly deeply gonna miss u much


Jan 4, 04 - 8:13 PM
Missing you!

I'm deeply hurt with the demise of a superstar, a friend whom I grow up with...listening to her songs since young.
My condolences to her family & friends and all her fans out there.
Missing you!
yixin_fan of anita


Jan 4, 04 - 8:22 PM
you will always live in my heart

Anita my heart just aches so badly whenever it dawns on mi that you are no longer around. In my heart you are truly a gifted person who can sing, dance and act. i believed you are now in a place where u r happy n can be free from all the pain. i will always miss your voice and that cheerful smile of yours.
you will always live in my heart. may you be happy wherever you are.


Jan 4, 04 - 8:40 PM
Goodbye, Anita

My pain of losing Anita has slowly creeps in. The first 2 days I still am daze by the news. Now...

Why? Why? Why has she given her e'thg to everyone but she still have to suffer? Has she given her all and called back by the Almighty?

I do not know wat to say but May God Bless Her Soul! May she never suffer ever again!


Jan 4, 04 - 9:06 PM

Though, I am not your fan, I admire your spirits and thinking. You have done well for your life. I take off my hat to you. Miss you forever !!!!
Monica from New Zealand


Jan 4, 04 - 9:23 PM
We'll miss you....

Dear Anita,

Your music have inspired me of who i am today..
if wasnt you, I dont think i will love music as
much as i do now.
You are my angel.
Nomatter what, You will always be in my heart.
Your music, your attitude will last forever.
I miss you so much.

Lot of Love


Jan 4, 04 - 9:59 PM
Forever in our heart ......she Lives !!!!

we will missed u forever and one is ever near u or like u in one way or another....

u will be forever in our heart .....
rest in peace !

we love u !!!!

Queen of Canto Pop !!!
Bruce Lee


Jan 4, 04 - 10:10 PM

Just like Bruce Lee, Chan Pak Keong, Leslie and Wong Kar Kui,
even Roman...they will never grow old!
Could it be a curse on Chinese superstars?
Why not western stars?
Ann chong


Jan 5, 04 - 12:36 AM
miss u ! day & nite....Mui Jie

Dear Mui Jie
i from Malaysia, so sad to hear u are pass away from us, i cannt belive it.what a shame are the SUPER _STAR for all admires! i miss you!!!
Cabriel Loo


Jan 5, 04 - 12:53 AM
Thanks a lot for your Contribution to US!

Dearest Big Sister Mui,

It's sad to hear that you had passed away. I can't be considered as your supporting Fans but most of your musics and movies had became one of the thing that during my growing life. To be frank that I'm not your so-called "Die Hard Fans" but I have to tell you that, I do loves your musics and the movies too.

I can understand that you've been suffering all this while, It's better for you to let go a bit early. That's why I told myself that I shouldn't be sad and cry because I don't want to see you in painful and suffering life anymore.
Lai Wei Ying


Jan 5, 04 - 1:26 AM
Love you forever

Anita jiejie you were be always in my forever n ever never


Jan 5, 04 - 1:38 AM
Always in my heart

Anita jie jie you were be always in my heart forever n ever n never,and i promiss you i will never never forget you in my life.



Jan 5, 04 - 1:48 AM


Kristine Ng


Jan 5, 04 - 4:16 AM
Missing You Forever.....

You are a Tiny Angel
You are smaller than your Thumb:
You live in people's Pockets
That's where you have your Fun
You don't suppose you've seen Me,
You are too tiny to Detect:
Though I'm with you all the Time,
I doubt we've ever Met.
Before you was an Angel...
You was a Fairy in a Flower:
God, Himself, hand-picked You,
And gave you the Angel Power.
ooh christina


Jan 5, 04 - 3:49 AM
always the shuing star

we will always love u.....miss u .....and hear u too missing u deep in my heart you always the shuing star in the sky we always love anita forever
Kristine Ng


Jan 5th, 2004 - 4:21 AM
Re: always the shuing star

Wow!!! What a lovely msg... Your msg give a touch of sadness to people heart as I read tears falling down from my eyes and rolling through my cheeks... I feel so sad that I feel like killing myself...



Jan 5, 04 - 4:28 AM
Life Is A Song...

Her life is a Song
A Song sung by Millions
A Song sung deep in the prayers of a Child
A Song sung freely in the hearts of the Innocent
A Song sung sweetly by the birds of the air and the fish of the sea Alike
A deep Song that echoes throughout the Earth
Blessed is the Mother that hath given me my Awakening
May Her Name be praised by all life and her gift by all Nations
Sing Her praise throughout the fiery ether of the Sky
And hold it in your heart like the most precious Pearl
Love is this Song, and may all welcome it into their Hearts
For we all are in the heart of God
barry chin


Jan 4, 04 - 10:13 PM
May the power of triple gem be with her

It's rather shocking when we come to know the tragedy couple of days ago before the year end... It's rather sad to know that because we grow up with her songs.
She should continue her treatment. But she chooses not to do so...
May the power of triple gem be with her
Namo Amitabha
Robert Lee


Jan 5th, 2004 - 4:53 AM
Re: May the power of triple gem be with her

Amitabha , Amitabha , Namo-Amitabha


Jan 4, 04 - 11:16 PM


宾﹋痷玒Missē窾粂ぃ弧....眔饥琌Τ硂妓痁痷み及ねиみヘい琌礚蠢We love you!!!!!!
Wishing you Happiness Forever living in another world!!!!!!!
Miss you VERY VERY VERY much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan 5th, 2004 - 5:16 AM
Leave Anita's food & hand print for Tsimshatsui Star Road

The govt build a Star Road in Tsimshatsui, I think if the Road cannot have Anita's foot & hand print, the road is not prefect. Can we leave Antia's foot & hand print before Jan 11, 2004.


Jan 5, 04 - 5:23 AM
Leave Anita's foot & hand print for Tsimshatsui Star Road

I think it is not prefect if the Star Raod could not ahve Anita's foot & hand print. Could we leave Anita's foot & hand print before Jan 11, 2004 for Star Road. It is very lonely for the Star road, it has only movie star foot & hand print not has Super star singer.


Jan 5, 04 - 6:23 AM

You mean so much to me that I don't even know how to describe it. You've been a fan since I was very young! May you REST IN PEACE! Love, Jackson


Jan 5, 04 - 9:14 AM
I Will Never Forget You...

Anita I will never forget you. You had left a mark in my heart and everyone in the world. Your love, music, and heart that you pour out for everyone will never be forgotten. May You Rest In Peace.


Jan 5, 04 - 9:51 AM
Rest in Peace - Foever my superSTAR

I am your fan when I was very young. I love your songs and your performance on the stage. I strongly believe that I cannot find another superstar like you in the next 10 years or more. Nobody can compete with you. You performance on stage was excellent.
Hope you can now rest in peace and enjoy a better life in another world.

Always remember you.


Jan 5, 04 - 9:53 AM



Jan 5, 04 - 10:31 AM
My One & Only Idol

To my one & only idol, Anita Mui.May U rest in peace & reach Utopia


Jan 5, 04 - 11:07 AM
Rest in Peace our FOREVER FRIEND

Very surprise to hear the bad news. Till now, I still unable to accept this news.

No doubt live is short for you, but u had an enriching one and u have done alot of meaningful things for everyone, even when u were very sick.

We will remember you forever.


Jan 5, 04 - 11:23 AM
miss u forever!!!!!

It'is a week now u have left us.Still feel the deep sorrow.. u always in our heart. we will carry on with our life just like how u want us to be happy..u had gave so in peace


Jan 5, 04 - 11:56 AM



Jan 5, 04 - 1:42 PM
cant accept the truth that u haf left

maybe like wat andy lau said, u did not leave us at all. but had a change of lifestyle.
i will just take it that u haf migrated..

u are forever an icon in my heart.
Raymond Sia


Jan 5, 04 - 1:42 PM
remember u forever.. BYEEE!! Anita Mui

i will remember u forever..mui jie!! bye2 n
May Yin


Jan 5, 04 - 1:47 PM
Missing You

I still cannot believe you are gone. How can we not cry? We grow with you. You are missed by us. But I will pray for you. For you to reach to heaven. I have no doubt you will reach there. A person as good hearted as you. "Nam Moh Oh Mi To Fat" "Om Ma Ni Pat Meh Hom"
Jenny Sim (Singapore)


Jan 5, 04 - 1:58 PM
Thank you.

I remember the times that I watched your movies. You are a born actress and singer (artist). You are superb.

It's been a few days since Anita left us for good.

jimmy leong


Jan 5, 04 - 2:24 PM
Anita's departure

I beleived she has gone to a better place spiritually. It is a heart breaking time for all of her fans all around the world but im sure Anita would not want to see her fans being sad. So let's brace up & wish her well & good where ever she is now.

Jimmy Leong
Mouse Tan


Jan 5, 04 - 2:30 PM
You will be fondly remembered

It's with much sadness that we bid you goodbye. It's hard to find another artiste like you. Thank you for the splendid performances all these years. May you rest in peace.


Jan 4, 04 - 3:44 PM

I feel it kinda strange why her most famous ex-lover Chui Man Cheok never turned up for her funeral.


Jan 5th, 2004 - 3:28 PM
Re: Why?

Nothing strange about it I guess... Chui Man Cheok never or may not want to be remembered as her most famous ex-lover... or he may be busy that day.


Anyway, we dont know if Anita Mui wants him to be there...

It's over, good or bad... those were the days huh,


Jan 5, 04 - 4:17 PM
rest in peace

dearest anita,

u r always the best in our heart n can never be replaced! u will live in our memory forever! rest in peace anita...


Jan 5, 04 - 4:41 PM
﹋﹋ 隔キ...

稰谋钩礛ア抄и25,パ粄醚﹋﹋,Τ贺ぃ稱ア硂剪醚feeling!By the way, 辨ぱ瓣眤,ご礛祇揣▇,е贾﹋﹋....


Jan 5, 04 - 4:55 PM

翠, We are proud of having you, Anita Mui, Star of HK, Asia!!!





Jan 5, 04 - 5:00 PM
Mui ... ...

Mui, no matter where U are now, U are always deep in my heart. Luv, SSHan


Jan 5, 04 - 5:28 PM
Always In Our Heart

It'd been lots of sad news of passing away of our favourite idols for year 2003.

Anita - The Diva! I'm so sadden with the news of your death. I wish you'll have a much much more better love/career life when you reincarnated.

Love you always
Cindy Cheng


Jan 5, 04 - 5:47 PM
You are a superstar in my heart

Mui, Even u have leave us, but your song will ever & forever live in the air & my heart, wish you have a new good life in the heaven....
Cynthia from Malaysia


Jan 5, 04 - 6:50 PM
Goodbye Legend!

Anita Mui, you may have left this world but all your artistic works are still very much alive in us. You will greatly be missed by all your fans worldwide. It will be very very hard to find another great artist like you. I am pretty sure of that. May you rest in peace always!


Jan 5, 04 - 6:53 PM
Miss You forever!

Anita, though I never listen to yr songs or watch yr movies, still I knew you were a superstar,a great natural born entertainer. The 31st Dec early morning when I heard about yr death from the news over the radio, I was shock & it breaks my heart. I cried !

I cried for you. I cried why God has taken you away so early from us. I cried SIMPLY because you've a very kind loving heart. You care for others more than for yourself & this is what touches me most!

Anita you know, everyday, I pray to God for You. That may the Lord, my God, bless your soul & may you rest peace.

Will miss you & I love you forever!


Jan 5, 04 - 7:34 PM

巳踏入中年的我,由於工作的關係更覺得生命是無常! 但梅姐的離去, 我除了感到唏噓. 也蒂著積極!

?國榮先生的自殺我感到很意外, 梅豔芳小姐的離去卻令我啟發到生命更是不可控制的.

但在未來的歲月中, 我會以梅姐作為榜樣, 努力作善事. 然而?我在閉上眼睛的時侯, 也會覺得自己巳是"無悔今生"了!


Jan 5, 04 - 8:20 PM

I am gonna missed you from now on. I cried and cried hearing the news. Love u forever.

From your everlasting fan from Malaysia.


Jan 5, 04 - 8:35 PM




Jan 5, 04 - 9:57 PM
Legendary performers - Anita and Leslie

The very first concert I attended was that of Anita's and Leslie's live concert in Singapore during the 80's. Though the sound systems weren't pretty lousy at the concert hall (the concert was held at the Hoover Theatre which no long exist to-date), these 2 great performers continued their superb performance without a slightest hint of dismay for the poor sound systems. This has certainly left me a very deep and good impression of them.

I count my blessings to be given the opportunity to ever watch the performance of 2 legendary performers -Anita and Leslie - in my lifetime.

Anita and Leslie will always have a special place in my heart.

ekay, Malaysia


Jan 5, 04 - 10:01 PM
Anita, Thank You for All. We will miss you.

Mui-Mui we love you all our life. you will always be our love. your music is incredible and irreplacable. you are brave and a person with beautiful heart.your contribution to music is not just noticeable in hong kong but in all places where we chinese are at.

mui mui, we love you alot. we will always remember you as the greatest singer on earth. you are talented and a gift from lord to all of us.

may god always be with you. we thank you for all your great music and movies.

you are always beautiful in our heart.

we will miss you. you are our legend. and queen of chinese music. love will always be with you

it's truly sad and pathetic we have lost you.

you will and always remain in our heart as a legend.

Thank You for all you have given us.....


Jan 5, 04 - 11:00 PM pray for mui
pls visit this website....let us pray for anita mui together..


Jan 1, 04 - 8:56 PM
A Loss that cannot be replaced by younger stars

Mui Jie's death is a tragic loss to both HK Showbiz and Asia. Her singing touches the lives of many others who enjoyed her songs. It simply cannot be replaced by younger stars.
Mui Jie Fanz


Jan 3rd, 2004 - 11:14 PM
Re: A Loss that cannot be replaced by younger stars

Her Loss is indeed irreplacable ...her songs at concert, her dance movements will always remain in our hearts.

She will always be a diva queen and her singing shall be a legacy in Cantopop.

Let's wish her a better life ahead.
Ge Mi


Jan 4th, 2004 - 3:06 PM
Re: A Loss that cannot be replaced by younger stars

HK ppl has lost three great popular singers-Roman Tam, Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and Anita Mui in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

Let's pray for their souls and may they rest in peace.
Mei (Singapore)


Jan 5th, 2004 - 11:29 PM
Re: A Loss that cannot be replaced by younger stars

Today is Mui Jie's "Tou Qi" (Seventh Day).
We thank her for the music, stage performance, joy she has brought to HK and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, China etc) these 21 years.

Hope in nether world or in next life, you will contribute more as what you did.

You will always remain in the hearts and souls of everyone in HK and Asia including mine.

A Cantopop Diva with the nick "Asian Madonna"-Anita Mui Yim Fong shall live forever (legacy) and remember by all your friends, Showbiz fans and fans who appreciate your music around HK and Asia.

Thank you Mui Jie for accompanying me with your music and your stunning performance in both acting, dancing and singing these 21 years.


Jan 5, 04 - 11:30 PM
U r the greatest star that all of us will always miss

i will always remember u and have u in my heart and memory. U r such a great artist and a great person to be. May u begin a new life in the other world joining Leslie Cheung (he is also my favourite artist) and continue to shine your life.


Jan 5, 04 - 11:32 PM

you the one who give joy to the world...... you the one who brighten up the light in the night... you the one who give love to the needs.... you... are the only one and only super star name call "ANITA MUI" we will always love the way you are....that why we love you always .....<<<<<< >>>>>> we always love you wherever you are now.
we will never cry... we never forget you...cos you will always in our mind deep in our soul LOVE YOU MY SUPER STAR ANITA MUI FOREVER...AND EVER..


Jan 6, 04 - 12:58 AM
my superstar

my heart is being stabbed when i known your death news. although i'm not your superfans, but i feel so sad for your leaving. because i listen to your music since i was young. you are just like a part of my family, a part of my life.... anyway, i'll remember you forever. ANITA, YOU ARE MY SUPERSTAR, YOU ARE MY LOVE. i'll always love you no matter where you are.


Jan 6, 04 - 1:05 AM
I will miss you.........

Thought you are no longer with us, you will always remain in our hearts. Its sad to see you left us but that is life. Rest in peace.....And hope you can find ur happiness in another part of the world.....

Miss you always.....


Jan 6, 04 - 1:40 AM

Ces Ong


Jan 6, 04 - 6:53 AM
Greatest respect for Miss Anita Mui

I won't cry and call your name cos u r always living in my heart.My greatest respect to a real fighter of fate, Miss Anita Mui.
Geri B B Bear@o@ {*CANADA*}


Jan 6, 04 - 7:14 AM

To my one & only ANITA AH MUI~~~

I know U really suffered soooooooooo hard for the previous month!!! How could U do that??? It's totally incredible!!! I can never imagine how difficult U've ever been through!!! Your honorable example is a great inspiration to all of us!!!
Let's Just Kiss & Say Good-bye............

Happiness always,
Geri B B Bear @o@



Jan 6, 04 - 1:22 AM
"O Me Tu Fo"

Dearest Anita Mui,

You are such a wonderful, courageous and kind woman. For the past few months, you had endured great pains both physically and emotionally and yet you had never shown them in public. You had shown world-class professionalism as well as great sacrifices to ensure your friends, fans, admirers, audiences, and supporters would not be troubled and worried about your illness because you love them all. Also what you need them to focus is mainly on your superb singing and acting performances, the careers you have so successfully built and maintained. Not least is your pledge and determination to help others in need within your capabilities.

I抎 been hospitalized before not due to cancer but the pain was so unbearable that I even confessed to nurse that I would rather die than to suffer from the pain. Imagine that I myself had made the unwise choice in an impulse, how about you having to endure the great pain for your cancer that you had never complained to anybody. Because of so many wishes and ambitions to fulfill that you simply forgot about your pain and appeared in public in so perfectly well-kept figure and healthy that nobody could have noticed the unbearable pain you suffered and your deteriorated health day by day. All those pains mostly you suffered alone although you have many good friends but the body is yours and only those peoples who have cancers or previously had cancers would know and understand. Worst part is when you have the greatest fear for not knowing what will be waiting for you in the other world coz you are alone. I'd experienced the fear while I was in hospital. Now that all your sufferings are over and I'm sure you are happy in the other world.

You are not alone because you are dearly loved by all your friends, fans, admirers, audiences and supporters all over the world. You are a legend, a prominent figure in the 21st century modern history. You抳e set a very good example for others to follow your kind and right path towards charity contributions both voluntarily and financially. Also, your strength, courageous and determined and yet feminine woman figure will live forever in the hearts of all levels.

Please do not worry that you will be forgotten. You'll always be in our hearts.

Love you.

"O Me Tu Fo"


Jan 6th, 2004 - 7:44 AM
Re: "O Me Tu Fo"

You are totaly right, Anita is wonderful and very strong. With a lot of pain and suffering, she doesn't want anyone being sad. Anita, miss you lots...
meng cai - S,pore


Jan 6, 04 - 8:24 AM

Miss u always
ah j


Jan 6, 04 - 8:26 AM
Missing you lots!

Anita is a wonderful woman. She is very confident, strong, genuine, courageous, beautiful, unique, talented in many aspects,,,, however no words can describe her. She is just everything good put together. Anita has an amazing voice no one will ever forget. [Don't forget her acting skills =)!] We will all surely miss her a lot. But we all know that she is also in a happy world now. So we should not grieve on her passing too much, for she does not want us to be sad. I for one miss her a great deal. Everyday when I walk to school I listen to one of her CD's, so that she would sort of be like singing to me; it's a great start to a day. Her voice is so calm and soothing, it makes you relax when you're stressed.

We all miss you Anita!! We will not forget you!!

From ah j...


Jan 6, 04 - 9:09 AM

Yesssssssssss! If "only" Ah Mui is still around, she would definitely be very proud of me because I made many of her fans (just like you) read my messages. Thank you for reading this message. May Ah Mui rest in peace for forever!


Jan 6, 04 - 9:42 AM
You will always be remembered

You died so young but we will always remember you every year - we will never forget this date (30 DECEMBER 2003).


Jan 6, 04 - 7:06 AM
Always a diva, always a legned and always in our hearts

I'm so lost with the lost of our most beautiful, talented, giving, caring, influencial diva, Anita Mui Yim Fong. I used to sing 'Why, why, tell me why' around my house when I was a little girl, 3 or 4! She's such a beautiful person, she will be missed dearly. Her music, her words, everything about her will be missed. I am so proud of her, carrying on with her career although she had a illness which affected her performace but she carried on like a solidier. She has influened me in many ways. Now she is resting peacefully in Heaven, far away from the pain she suffered with her illness. I still can't believe she is gone... but our memories of such a talented entertainer will never be forgotten. Love you xxx


Jan 6th, 2004 - 10:23 AM
Re: Always a diva, always a legned and always in our hearts



Jan 6, 04 - 10:36 AM
mui yim fong is forever

i always love you anita mui, you are the best.
ah j


Jan 6th, 2004 - 11:22 AM
Re: mui yim fong is forever

she truly is THE BEST


Jan 6, 04 - 2:11 PM

虽慠変榓惀两槩晄摨悽奅揑恖丆扐変旕忢揑嬄曠丆惀変?见过嵟桳?质揑?恖丅 変夛塱远输擮丆虽慠涍经置开椆変们丆扐彨遗爱恖间丅
bruce lee


Jan 6, 04 - 2:53 PM
from heaven

Pease add me 48859688 icq to talk about mui.


Jan 6, 04 - 2:57 PM
All the Best

Ah Mui, it is sad that you have left us, But I am happy that you do not need to suffer anymore. Please promise that you will take care of yourself and will live a better life up there.


Jan 6, 04 - 3:26 PM
Deepest condolence

Really upset when I know that you have lefted us.You are always the best to me. Hope you are in peaceful heaven now.And just ignore those bad news. Will save you in my memory.


Jan 6, 04 - 3:53 PM
Miss you much

May you rest in peace, may you be in heaven and may you be meeting our beloved Leslie gor gor.

Miss you much...
From my heart


Jan 6, 04 - 5:16 PM
Its another chapter of life

Dear Anita...May you rest in peace...

Your departure is indeed a shock to me and the world. It makes me think how fragile life can be. Canto pop idols that i am fond with has all left. Danny Chan the first...then Leslie and now you. Its like a chapter of my life has come to an end. Pray that you will find peace and happiness wherever you are now.


Jan 6, 04 - 5:21 PM
miss u.....................

it quite a sad thing when u leave us. but deep in my heart i know that u have find a peaceful life. happiness is waiting for u there. we will miss u forever n always in my heart........


Jan 6, 04 - 5:32 PM
A Rare and Wonderful Story

Anita Yim Fong
A Rare and Wonderful Story
for all to share


Jan 6, 04 - 5:36 PM
Remember you forever

I have been your fan since the late 80s and always
has been.

I have cried my heart out for you. I will always
remember you and your music. Miss u
NancyEng (singapore)


Jan 6, 04 - 6:56 PM
loving you

Anita , no matter where you are , you will alway miss by me ...... I will alway love you ....


Jan 6, 04 - 8:00 PM
Missing You


You will always be a SUPERSTAR in my heart. I love your STYLE. May your soul rest in peace.


Jan 6, 04 - 8:40 PM
Dear All, Would like to develop slot game that features only Anita Mui

Would like to contribute slot game program 5x9 lines with bonus game designed and developed by me to have a special custom design specially to remember Anita Mui. This game will feature only Anita Mui's photos and inspiring words from fans, friends, supporters as well as Anita's contributions to charity and her strength.

This program is free to play but subject to an agreement on legal rights etc that this program should not be sold separately or used for commercial use. I've thought of selling this customised design but in view that what Anita Mui had contributed to the charity, why not me do the small favour....

Before it is ready for download, I need the opinion of you as well as your contribution of Anita Mui's photos and your inspiring words on Anita Mui, anything good about Anita Mui will be accepted. Prefer no comments on her love life. I need your agreements on the use of her photos before I can complete the game as this concerns legal issue. Would prefer if the photos affixed with your name, so that no others can misuse the photos for commercial use.

Also, the slot game is not meant for gambling. I would call it a statistic game instead of slot game.

So, I need your vote........
Fah [ i am thai anita mui' s fan]


Jan 6, 04 - 8:43 PM
anita mui is a superstar in my life

you are superstar in my life,i love you lots. I'm very sad with the news of your death. i missyou. i am sad girl nows
why? why ? tell me why?????? why did ANITA MUI YIM FONG must die?
i would pray for Ah mui. i memory you im my you love you love you love you
love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you
Nancy Eng


Jan 6, 04 - 6:52 PM
loving you

Anita , no matter where you are , you will alway on my mind ..... I will alway loving you , may god take care of you
chai chen


Jan 6th, 2004 - 9:41 PM
Re: loving you

I'm anita's fan.Can we be a friend?


Jan 7, 04 - 12:17 AM
Love Forever...

U will always in my heart.
Nicola Moroni http//


Jan 7, 04 - 5:33 AM
Ti ho amata

Hai lasciato un grande vuoto in tutti noi...


Jan 7, 04 - 6:35 AM
Salute to all Anita Mui's Ardent Fans

Salute to you all for showing your enormous supports for Anita Mui before and after her departure. Your supports for her before her departure had given her fighting spirit going. I'm a shame and my love and support for Anita since her departure is not comparable to her loyal fans. I'm slightly younger than Anita but Anita Mui is the one and only the one worth remembering and loved by me.

I salute you all and please continue to keep loyal to Anita eventhough there is no any further report on her for months and years to come.
Kon (Brunei)


Jan 7, 04 - 8:59 AM
Miss You

I was really shocked when I heard about the news about Anita. Because she is a strong person and I really thought that she will win this war. But unfortunately she lost the war..

I grow up listening to Anita's music...and Anita you will forever remain as a greatest superstar in my heart. You will be sadly missed by all of us.
Yung Shih & Agnes (Mui Jie's fans forever)


Jan 7, 04 - 10:20 AM

Dearest Mui Jie,

We are very distraught upon hearing of your demise (why? why? tell me why? must you leave us so soon?!) but we will fulfill your wish of staying cheerful and not doing anything silly. In fact we should be happy for you as you have ended all your sufferings and be reborn at Buddha's Pureland.

Life will not be the same again without you. Your husky and melodious voice, skillful and stylish dances, elegant costumes, remarkable stage charisma, superb acting which we'll always have fond memories will be sorely missed. (THERE WON'T BE ANOTHER ANITA MUI!)

You always mentioned that you are not beautiful but your humble, selfless, compassionate and caring nature, your generosity and your heart of gold make you stunningly beautiful. Your never say die attitude is an inspiration to us.

May you obtain ultimate bliss at Western Paradise.

Namo Amitabha!


Jan 4, 04 - 7:38 AM

DEAR FANS-Fr all over the world

shall we suggest to have the wax museum to make a series of wax figures for our beloved idol Anita Mui-she is definitely more than 1 figure-as she had so many images-and she represents a role model for all of us--determined-generous,sensitive, compassionate and strive for perfection!!
she is also the icon for world entertainment industry!!
i know how everyone felt these days--yea--long long days of missing her n nites were even more depressing when we listened to all her songs-(fast n slow-she can deliver full marks!!!)
whatelse can i say?
we will always your faithfully!!!
we will miss you forever n u will ALWAYS LIVE IN MEMORIES!!
why why tell me why?
she doesnt want to be a cover girl!
lets just kiss n say goodbye!!!!!


Jan 7th, 2004 - 11:20 AM

There should at least be a wax figure of Mui Jie at Madame Tussards considering her mega star status and all that she has given and achieve. How about Star Walk? Should also leave her palm and foot prints... what is Star Walk without Anita Mui?
Chris Lee


Jan 7, 04 - 2:21 PM
Remembering Anita Mui

Thanks for giving the great concert in Sydney in September 2002. We will forever have fond memories of you.



Jan 6, 04 - 1:15 AM
One of the greatest female singers of all times

Anita Mui is without doubt one of the greatest female singers of all times....Her demise is indeed a big loss to Music Lovers especially those who appreciate her songs and music !!!!!


Jan 6th, 2004 - 12:10 PM
Re: One of the greatest female singers of all times

She is irreplaceable. There won't be another Anita Mui.


Jan 7th, 2004 - 2:36 PM
Re: One of the greatest female singers of all times

Anita is indeed the best HK singer of all time. I hate how the american journalist call her the asian Madonna. Madonna can't even come close. Come on now.
I'm sad that you left so suddenly but am happy that I was there at your last concert. Anita, you can't read this but I hope u will rest in peace. MissYou.
Geri Bunny Honey %o% (Van.)


Jan 7, 04 - 3:34 PM
Salute to the Legend of POP Queen --ANITA MUI!! No singers can substitute your position...

To My Dear ANITA MUI (Mui Jie),

U are always the most versatile top artist...... I don't think any singers or actresses can substitute your position anyway!!! Well, at least not even in 2-3 decades!!! U are the GREATEST!!! Salute to U!!!

Miss U forever,

Geri Bunny Honey
Nancy Cheng


Jan 7, 04 - 3:37 PM

It is very difficult to describe how I feel these days. Although I am not a big fan of the late Ms Mui, I feel very very sad as I have such a strong feeling that the fate has made a big joke on her.

In her very short 40 years of life, I could see her face with sorrow. I could darely say no matter how many people were around her, she was sad and lonely especially when she was hiding herself and drinking alone. Nobody knows how UNHAPPY she was...

Anyway, I hereby pay my last tribute to Ms Mui and wish her the very best if she had a second life

With Deepest Sympathy,


Jan 7, 04 - 12:34 PM
Need direction to location of the funeral

Hi All,

Could anybody kindly provide me the direction to the funeral service where Anita Mui's body is rest. I assume that I alight at NorthPoint MTR and which street/road to start and end. Frankly speaking, I'm not a Hongkonger and I'm staying in Singapore.

I will go there as an individual and would like to gain some valuable guidance on what to bring and what to wear on 11 Jan 2004. Anita Mui's charity foundation will be organizing a donation session if I'm not mistaken........

Kindly help. Thanking you in advance.
Nancy Cheng


Jan 7th, 2004 - 3:45 PM
Re: Need direction to location of the funeral

Hi Lee,

Please take MTR and get off at the North Point station. You then walk to the Java Road park for further instruction. The news said all the mourners are supposed to gather together at the Java Road park and queue up for the funeral service!

Hope this helps!

Anthony Bear @o@


Jan 7th, 2004 - 6:33 PM
Re: Need direction to location of the funeral

Dear Mui,

You are one of the most strongest and brave warrior! You won't scare of death and you fighting for your life! Never give up for your life! You are the example for us to know and learn about lifes are important! Never give up, no matter whatever bad things are happening to you! Your journal will be added to our history book for people to learn from the future!

Love always with us!
Be strong!
Anthony Bear
Lee Show Hui


Jan 7, 04 - 9:21 PM
miss u......

when know u r living, very sad...
can't believed it....
feel sad n....
wheever u go, i will miss u forever....
luv u....
Michelle Li


Jan 4, 04 - 12:31 AM
My super star - Anita Mui

Dearest Anita,

您的離去使我十分難過及痛心, 但是我會?您的?要振作.不要留淚,使您可以安心上路. 我限多謝您留下了不少美好的回?給我,?有獻給我無數?精彩的演唱會, 令我的一生加上了色彩. 我欣賞您那棵勇敢和堅?的精神. 我以您為榮! 以您為傲! 我會以您為榜樣積極面對人生,熱心公益. 將您的精神發揚下去.

再?了! 我一生中最敬愛.最尊敬的偶像 ---- "Anita Mui 梅豔芳"

您的忠?歌迷 Michelle Li


Jan 8th, 2004 - 12:00 AM
Re: My super star - Anita Mui

Dear Michelle,

ぱИ璣, Danny㎝Leslie琌, 宾ぃㄒ. 暴Τ辨伐贾い笿秨み胺眃ネ.

瞒, и穝蝶︳ネよ, ┮弧, 堡泊玡┮Τ. 瞒τ端み, 琌ê或薄竡. Anita簈美籖㎝珇妓渤.

Anita, 谅盿倒и担拘, 眤κ跑禜盢ッ环痙иみ┏. Τ┋眤程初簍佰穦, 稱癬ㄓ, 痷琌稰磏窾だ.

锭礚, ゲ琌独, ネ㏑瘤祏既, 禥弘眒, 碞礚狙. 眤痷暗! Kiss you and say goodbye!